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We are Anavi Strategies

We've Come Together
to Make a Difference

Our team blends strategic acumen with deep empathy, offering a multidisciplinary approach to creating meaningful, lasting change.

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Who We Are

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Name: Anavi; Origin: Anavi is a name with roots in India's ancient Sanskrit language; Meaning: The one who is sensitive, tactful, and kind towards mankind.

Anavi Strategies envisions a world where every organization, regardless of size or sector, harnesses the power of strategic insight, empathy, and innovation to create profound social impact.  We are built to be the catalyst for transformative change, empowering mission-driven entities to not only dream of a better future but to actualize it through actionable, inclusive, and sustainable strategies.

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Anjali Chainani, PHD

Anjali has 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and local government, as a social worker and a researcher. Anjali is the Founder and Principal of Anavi Strategies, a public impact consulting firm that works with non-profit and philanthropic clients who are committed to accelerating social change and measuring impact. As the former Policy Director for City of Philadelphia Mayor James F. Kenney (2016-2020), Anjali supported the development of key strategic priorities for city agencies including but not limited to early education, literacy, public health, workforce development, and sustainability among others, gaining experience in organizational development, cross-agency collaboration, measuring performance, and evaluation.


Anjali has contributed to the development of numerous strategic plans including for Women Against Abuse and PhillyVIP in 2023, and has designed and executed over 15 measurement and evaluation projects, including the Philadelphia Resident Survey in 2019-2020 and the Urban Affairs Coalition Every Voice, Every Vote Public Sentiment Survey in 2023. Anjali has a BSW, MSW, and MPH from Temple University, and a PhD in Health Policy from Saint Joseph's University (formerly University of the Sciences). Anjali currently serves as an Advisor for the Fels Institute of Government Master’s in Public Administration program and teaches at Widener University’s School of Social Work. 

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Meet the Team

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What Makes

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  • Our Trauma-Informed Approach: We integrate a specialized trauma-informed framework in our consulting practices, a unique aspect that is not commonly found in traditional consulting firms. This allows us to address complex and sensitive issues with a deeper level of understanding and empathy.

  • Emphasis on Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: We place a significant emphasis on empathetic engagement and emotional intelligence. This human-centric approach enables us to deeply connect with our clients and understand the subtleties of their challenges.

  • Customized and Tailored Services: We offer highly personalized solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each client. This bespoke approach ensures that our strategies are not only effective but also perfectly aligned with the specific goals and contexts of our clients.



Reach out if you're ready for our approach of combining meticulous strategic planning with empathetic engagement, evaluating and aligning not just the data but an organization itself to co-create a cohesive, dynamic mechanism for sustainable impact.



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