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Anavi Strategies is a consulting firm offering strategic planning, program design, implementation support, and evaluation services.

Our firm works with government agencies, non-profit organizations, philanthropy, and business leaders. We support mission-driven leaders across all industries in transforming their organizations, expanding their public impact, and building towards their long-term vision. 



Our approach embodies six core values: excellence, empathy, integrity, equity, transformation, and  empowerment.

Anavi strategies supports its clients in creating a culture that is data-driven and emotionally-intelligent to achieve social transformation and measurable impact. Anavi Strategies is developing a trauma-informed business framework for how we operate, and support clients in conceptualizing, designing, implementing, and evaluating outcomes and long-term social impact.

Anavi Strategies ensures people and their humanity are centered, elevated, and empowered during the course of any project, big or small. 


City Sky

Supporting business leaders and organizations through meaningful change can only happen in the context of trust, safety and understanding.  Our multi-disciplinary team operates with being present and in tune with our client’s needs, and creating a safe space to address internal and external challenges.

At Anavi Strategies, rigorous planning and preparation helps ensure we create a shared experience of excellence, open channels of communication, and satisfaction with each client.

We are committed to creating a culture of continuous learning - we engage with honesty and transparency, address setbacks and challenges, and lean into conflict with the purpose of exploration and resolution.

Anavi Strategies' unique approach ensures clients are technically and emotionally prepared, and excited to transform their organizations to maximize their impact.

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Drop us a line if you want unique, empowering and creative solutions for your business.


We are committed to helping any organization make a social impact through engaging and data-driven initiatives!

Anavi Strategies

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Anavi Strategies is nationally certified as a women-owned business enterprise (WBE) and a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE).
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