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Visionary Ideas
into Powerful Change.

We believe in a world where individual and collective actions can spark significant, meaningful change.

Anavi Strategies guides mission-driven organizations such as government agencies, nonprofits, and philanthropies towards greater social impact through data-driven and empathetic practices.

INSIGHT & EMPATHYOur team of experts brings together a wealth of experience in strategic planning, program design, and impactful implementation, all driven by a commitment to equity and empathy.  Our approach intertwines in-depth analytical strategies with a deep understanding of the human element, ensuring collaborative solutions that resonate deeply with the people they impact.

Building Together

Anavi Strategies is nationally certified as a women-owned business enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC).


Critical Challenges to Making an Impact

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Those attempting to translate visionary mission goals into tangible, impactful outcomes are confronted with a dense landscape of complex social issues, limited resources, and rapidly evolving societal needs. Organizations often struggle to effectively plan, implement, and measure their initiatives due to a lack of strategic clarity, inadequate data-driven insights, and insufficient understanding of the human factors at play.

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Strategic and Operational Challenges

  • Formulating and executing effective, adaptive strategic plans that align with their mission and goals in a constantly changing environment.

  • Balancing immediate operational needs with long-term sustainability and growth, including securing ongoing funding and support.

  • Navigating internal organizational challenges, including managing power dynamics and fostering cohesive, collaborative team environments.

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Measuring Impact and Communication

  • Measuring and demonstrating the social impact and inclusivity of their programs effectively to secure funding and support.

  • Leveraging data-driven insights and innovative approaches to not only track but also amplify their positive impact in a measurable and sustainable manner.

  • Building and maintaining trust with stakeholders, including beneficiaries, funders, and the community, through transparent and impactful communication.

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Project Implementation and Management

  • Having a deliberate approach to engagement, research, and planning to ensure that outcomes are equitable, accessible, efficient, and affordable. 

  • Managing the complexities of project delivery within the constraints of limited resources, tight timelines, and evolving project scopes.

  • Ensuring projects are agile enough to adapt to changing societal needs and expectations, maintaining relevance and maximizing impact.

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Strategic Solutions for
Meaningful Change

Our approach at Anavi Strategies intertwines in-depth analytical strategies with a deep understanding of the human element, ensuring collaborative solutions that resonate deeply with the people they impact.

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Strategic Planning

Program Design

Implementation Support

Evaluation Services

Discover how our tailored services, empathetic engagement, and evidence-based solutions can elevate your organization's mission of public impact.
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Maritza Padua

Vice President of Policy and Strategic Initiatives

"Anavi Strategies exceeded our expectations!  Anjali and her team’s thoughtful approach and expertise were invaluable to our recent strategic planning process.  We appreciated their knowledge of trauma-informed practices, incorporation of data, and dedication to creating a comprehensive 5-year strategic plan that brought our organization's vision to life, all while ensuring our members remained fully engaged throughout the process. Anavi Strategies truly goes above and beyond, and Women Against Abuse highly recommends them for any consulting needs."
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Reach out if you're ready for our approach of combining meticulous strategic planning with empathetic engagement, evaluating and aligning not just the data but an organization itself to co-create a cohesive, dynamic mechanism for sustainable impact.



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